While clergy sexual misconduct against adults (CSMAA) is still a relatively unexplored, and, unacknowledged problem in the Catholic Church and religious institutions in general, there have been some important but relatively unknown studies and writings concerning CSMAA.

This page will be updated regularly with links to studies, articles, books, other websites and news stories concerning CSMAA both here in Australia and around the globe. So, stay tuned.



The Well From Which We Drink Is Poisoned –  by Margaret Kennedy: (Free registration then Login needed). (Kennedy’s PhD dissertation is so thorough and delves into so many aspects of CSMAA and explains the process of grooming, entrapment and escape so convincingly).

Understanding the Abuse of Adults by Catholic Clergy and Religious – by Kathryn Byrne: (A compassionate but strong discussion of CSMAA based on victims’ stories and with a strong leaning towards healing).

The Sexual Abuse of Women by Members of the Clergy – a book version of a PhD dissertation by Kathryn Flynn: for the e-book go here: (Flynn provides a convincing thesis on the traumatic effects of CSMAA).

Is Nothing Sacred: When sex invades the pastoral relationship – by Rev. Dr Marie M. Fortune (This is the seminal book which started the discussion on CSMAA – brilliant).

“A National (USA) Survey of the Sexual Trauma Experiences of Catholic Nuns” – by John T. Chibnall, Ann Wolf and Paul N. Duckro:

“How Clergy Sexual Misconduct Happens: A Qualitative Study of First-Hand Accounts” – by Diana R. Garland & Christen Argueta:.” Social Work & Christianity 37 (1): 1-27. (Garland and Argueta provide a clear outline of how or why CSMAA occurs and based on their conclusion, how to prevent it).


James Finley: Standing Against Sexual Harassment and the Abuse of Power: . In response to the #MeToo phenomenon, Psychologist/psychotherapist Jim Finley, himself a survivor of sexual abuse as a child and adult, presents a brief but excellent summary of often misunderstood elements of the sexual abuse of adults by clergy and others in power. He also outlines the need for victims/survivors to be brave and say, “Me Too” in some way so that we might reach the critical mass that will shift thinking about and response to this form of abuse. Highly recommended.

The Silent Majority: Adult Victims of Sexual Exploitation by Clergy: (An highly recommended site dealing with all aspects of CSMAA – a wealth of information. While it is still active as a site, the manager has not been able to actively keep it going in recent years. This is the place to go for all the news stories on CSMAA from around the globe).

Celibacy, Sex & The Catholic Church – A.W. Richard Sipe: (Richard Sipe discusses and provides links to every nook and cranny of clergy celibacy…or not).

Broken Rites:  (While you have to dig a little, Broken Rites has many accounts of CSMAA. If you type in ‘adult’ in the search engine, you will find many of them).